If you live in the LA area and want to borrow my amazing LemonAID Stand for your philanthro-party to raise funds or awareness for you passion project, email me!!  Seriously!  Extreme Makeover Home Editions host/builder, Paul DiMeo built me the LemonAID Stand of my dreams.  He attended our HANSON GIVES A DAM concert and was inspired to help me in my quest to give clean water to our friends in Africa.  But this stand is SO awesome, I want to share it with my Los Angeles Warriors to help their causes.  The chalk board header makes it easy to write in your cause and advertise what you are selling or sharing.  Its easy to assemble and I will personally deliver it to your event! LW group @ Rock the Run copy

FREE LemonAID Stand Kits and MORE!!

I chose to work with Blood:Water Mission when I first started out as a young(er) philanthropist, not only because of the amazing work they do to find sustainable solutions for the water crisis in Africa.  But also for the way they support their supporters. They teach me SO much about the cause and give me tips and tools for putting my passion into action. Click here to get your start!  Free LemonAID Stand kits and donation information!

How to HOST a Philanthro-Party

Here's a simple equation to follow; Your Passion + Your activity + LemonAID twist = Philanthro-Party!


Your Passion:  Do the things you are  passionate about.  It might be sports, music, art, dancing, or even shopping or make up or video games!

Your activity: Do the activities you are already doing.  Like birthday parties, back yard BBQs, team parties, holiday gatherings, or school dances.

Your LemonAID Twist: find a  cause that can benefit from your celebration!


Check out the chart below !



You worked hard for your donation, right? Choose your charity organization wisely. 1.Explore the internet! You probably know of the big famous organizations. But a quick search might lead you to a smaller charity that’s a better match! That’s how I found Blood:Water Mission. I stumbled on them and saw they already had a LemonAID program and so we partnered. I supported them and they give me posters and tattoos and a tshirts and sent speakers to my events and made educational videos. Click here for an interview I video taped with my partners at Blood:Water Mission.

2. Go Local; Learn about charities in your area. Giving isn’t always about raising money. Local charities have hands –on volunteer opportunities. They can send you volunteers or speakers for your PhilanthroParties.

3. Charity Check! How does a kid figure out if their donation will be spent wisely? It’s not easy. You’d have to ask tough questions like, “What’s your overhead ratio?” and “Are you investing sustainable solutions?” or “Can I see profiles of your board members?” These short-cut sites give helpful online tools so you can check your charity!

  1. Guidestar
  2. Charity Navigator
  3. GreatNonprofits
  4. Philanthropedia
  5. GiveWell


If you're throwing a big party, this check list can help. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE CHECKLIST 

Recruit co-hosts!:  Pick friends with varied strengths.  The Organizer, for details. The Foodie, for treats, The Cheerleader, for energy!

Pick a Date: Pick it at least 3 weeks way. Check school calendar and friend’s birthday dates to make sure there are no conflicts.

Make Invitations:  I like for custom web-based invites. A donation icon lets guests can donate when they rsvp so even if they can’t come, they can still make a donation. They also have a pot-luck sign up.

Invite a representative.   Invite your chosen charity to send a rep.  They can talk about the impact of your party and give you a deeper understanding of the issue.

Menu!!  Get creative.  Choose food to match your theme! Keep it simple. Make a shopping list or set up a potluck sign up.

Props!  What supplies do you need for your activity. You and your co-hosts can probably scrounge your homes and find what you need.

PR. Get the word out!   It’ll inspire more philanthroparties and raise awareness to your cause.  Speak at your school, church, or club.   Email local media.  Go big!

Online Campaign.  Friends and family who live far away or can’t come can still participate!  Lots of fundraising and action sites out there

Poster Pre-Party:  Make signs with facts about your cause.  Write it out instructions for your activity.  Make a huge re-useable PhilanthroParty banner for the next party

Assign Volunteers. Ask guests to pitch in.  Let them know their job in advance.  Greeter. Donation collector. Activity volunteer. Clean up!

School Community Service Hours.  Reward your volunteers!  Get permission to award them community service hours.

Pix and Video:  Document and share the party and the impact you made.  Post it! It will inspire others to party with a purpose.

Write. Blog. Post.  Images are powerful but so is the written word.  Write articles for the school paper or guest blog on your charity’s site.

Thank You Cards: A MUST. Paper or electronic.  Doesn’t matter.  Calculate the impact you’ve made so everyone can share the success!

#1 Philanthro-Party IDEAS

My Passion

My Activity

My LemonAID Twist!


Organize a backyard talent show with friends.

Memorial Day BBQ

Guests bring items for soldier’s  care packages  to celebrate patriotic holiday

Video Games

Video Game tournament

Rainy Day Hang Out

Bring gently used toys or games to donate.


Party before the dance.  Get ready together; hair make-up, dress up.

School Dance or Prom

Everyone brings a dress they’ve outgrown to donate.

Make up

Make-overs, spa crafts and mani pedis.

Mother’s Day Brunch

Have guests bring in toiletries to donate to woman’s shelter.


Get pledges for team to make 100 free throws in 100 minutes.

Team End of Season Party

Get sponsors for free throws.  Donate to adaptive sports team.


Outdoor sleepover. Bonfire. Marshmallows!

End of Year Party

Raise awareness for homelessness. Donate coats and blankets


Create mini-masterpieces for Valentines cards.

Valentines Party

Cards are for your friends and make extra to donate to hospitals or soldiers


Have a trash scavenger hunt at the beach.  Prizes for most plastic, most metal, most glass etc

July 4th Beach Party

Clean up the beach!


Set up games using cans!  Bowl with cans.  Tin Can Stilts, Knock down can tower with tennis ball.

Birthday Party

Guests bring 10 cans as admission. Donate to food bank

Invitations and IDEAS!

PUNCHBOWL.COM AND LEMONAID WARRIORS UNITE! How do you get a big company to listen to a kid with an idea?  ASK!  I use for my Philanthro-Party Invitations because I love their donation icon.  Since people who go to Punchbowl are already planning parties, why not display my Philanthro-Party ideas to turn their party into a chance to give. So I emailed the president, Mr. Douglas, and he called me back immediately and said yes.  Then, I worked with Ariel and sent over my ideas.  She created this section called Party with a Purpose.  They also designed an actual Philanthro-Party Invitation.

TIP: Have a great idea?  Don't sit on it.  ASK!

CHECK OUT OUR PARTY WITH A PURPOSE site at  Scroll down for SO many amazing philanthro-party ideas for every season!