THIS WEEK we are holding a symposium, participating in the National School Walkout and selling t-shirts.  CLICK HERE to learn tangible actions you can do to help. And purchase your T-Shirts here. 100% of the sales go to March For Our Lives to aid victim's families and organize the march in Washington on March 24th. 

  Purchase HERE . Indicate size in "instructions to seller" 

Purchase HERE. Indicate size in "instructions to seller" 

Meet our newest LemonAID Warrior... Doctor OZ!

Check out these two videos from The Doctor Oz Show!  Lulu shares her book PhilanthroParties! with the audience. She talks to Dr. Oz about how families can add social-good to their social lives.  AND don't miss Nana Celines Maple LemonAID recipe created by Lulu for Dr. Oz. 

Click here to see LemonAID Warriors on KTLA News. click here to to support Florida Student's efforts to end gun violence. 

KTLA Morning News; Jasper and Mason


Order Founder Lulu Cerone's book at Barnes and Noble, Amazon and IndieBound Or in book Stores NOW! 

LemonAID Warriors activates the next generation of Leaders, one PhilanthroParty Event at a time.

LemonAid Warriors are making an impact by making social activism a part of our social lives. In 7 years, our PhilanthroParty Planning Guides have helped raise over $150,000 for local and global causes and inspired over 4000 hours of volunteer service. Our action plans have been downloaded over 165,000 times and inspired hundreds of PhilanthroParty events worldwide. Check out this video of our founder, Lulu Cerone to learn more. And sign-up below for PhilanthroParty Planning tips and tools to throw your own PhilantroParty!

Our Founder.

When Lulu was 10, she learned that each cup of lemonade she sold for $1 can provide a person in Africa with clean drinking water for one whole year. Inspired by the life saving power of even the smallest donation, she set up a Boys vs Girls LemonAID challenge for her fifth grade class.  They exceeded all expectations by raising $4,000 and had so much fun doing it that her classmates didn't want to stop. So she founded LemonAID Warriors to share creative action plans and provide PhilanthroParty Planning Guides to make social activism a part of her generation's social life. Eight years later, LemonAID Warriors has raised over $150,000, provided clean water for thousands of people in Africa, sent hundreds of children to school, and supported dozens of other local and global charities. Lulu published her book PhilanthroParties! A Party-Planning Guide for Kids Who Want to Give Back through Beyond Words/Simon & Schuster, teaching young people how to party with a purpose.

Our President.


Madi was six years old when she volunteered for her first LemonAID Warrior event. Over the next nine years, she has been our most active member. She co-founded her own initiative, Believe Year-Round, to serve the needy in her community, started the first LemonAID Warriors Club at her school, and contributed her personal PhilanthroParty ideas to Lulu's book.

This 3-step philanthroparty guide gets you started.  Add a creative twist to any gathering to make giving part of the fun.


Step 1: 

PIck a cause

What cause speaks to your heart? What do you want to fix? It might be in your community, or it might be on the other side of the world. Big or small, it all matters. Especially if it matters to you. 

Step 2:

Pick a date

Look at your calendar. Turn something you’re already planning into a chance to help your cause. Birthdays, sports events, holidays, or even a simple Saturday afternoon with friends can be transformed for ultimate social impact.


Step 3:

Pick an activity

Be inspired by the theme of your chosen charity! Plan activities, recipes, and decorations that relate to the cause. If you love animals and you're having a pool party, have guests bring in old towels to donate to shelters and bake doggie treats! Check out this DIY video!


Want to learn about other creative ways our warriors have transformed their parties? Read about the PhilanthroParties that were inspired by our work. 

Looking for more detailed PhilantroParty Planner? Download our checklist. 

How to support Florida Students END GUN VIOLENCE!

1. On March 14th organize a National School Walkout at your school. March 14th at 10AM students across the country are walking out of class for 17 minutes.

2.  On March 24th, join March for Our Lives in Washington or organize a local one in your area.

3. Find out here if your representative accepts donations from the NRA. Then write to let him know that you demand gun law change.

4. Register or pre-register to vote here! Students as young as 16 can pre-register in many states! 

5. Find out where to send your representative letters, faxes and emails. Let them know you demand stiffer gun laws. 


We're really grateful for the press and partners who have told our story.  Here are just a few who have helped LemonAID Warriors spread our message. A special thank you to Nickelodeon and KTLA!