FREE LemonAID Stand Kits and MORE!!

I chose to work with Blood:Water Mission when I first started out as a young(er) philanthropist, not only because of the amazing work they do to find sustainable solutions for the water crisis in Africa.  But also for the way they support their supporters. They teach me SO much about the cause and give me tips and tools for putting my passion into action. Click here to get your start!  Free LemonAID Stand kits and donation information!

A Day in the Life of a LemonAID Warrior

A Day in the Life of a LemonAID Warrior Here's a little video I made that gives you an idea of what it's like to be a LemonAID Warrior.  It's just me and my warriors hanging out together, having fun, hosting a PhilanthroParty event and doing simple things that add up to big change.  I made the movie as part of a contest for the Build a Bear Huggable Hero Awards.

Welcome Warriors!


LemonAID Warriors helps you find ridiculously fun ideas to turn your compassion into action and start fixing our world, NOW.  Don't wait till you grow up!   Use the skills you already have. Do the things you're already doing. Just add a little LemonAID Twist, and you can create local and global change. One Philanthro-Party Event at a time!