Invitations and IDEAS!

PUNCHBOWL.COM AND LEMONAID WARRIORS UNITE! How do you get a big company to listen to a kid with an idea?  ASK!  I use for my Philanthro-Party Invitations because I love their donation icon.  Since people who go to Punchbowl are already planning parties, why not display my Philanthro-Party ideas to turn their party into a chance to give. So I emailed the president, Mr. Douglas, and he called me back immediately and said yes.  Then, I worked with Ariel and sent over my ideas.  She created this section called Party with a Purpose.  They also designed an actual Philanthro-Party Invitation.

TIP: Have a great idea?  Don't sit on it.  ASK!

CHECK OUT OUR PARTY WITH A PURPOSE site at  Scroll down for SO many amazing philanthro-party ideas for every season!