You worked hard for your donation, right? Choose your charity organization wisely. 1.Explore the internet! You probably know of the big famous organizations. But a quick search might lead you to a smaller charity that’s a better match! That’s how I found Blood:Water Mission. I stumbled on them and saw they already had a LemonAID program and so we partnered. I supported them and they give me posters and tattoos and a tshirts and sent speakers to my events and made educational videos. Click here for an interview I video taped with my partners at Blood:Water Mission.

2. Go Local; Learn about charities in your area. Giving isn’t always about raising money. Local charities have hands –on volunteer opportunities. They can send you volunteers or speakers for your PhilanthroParties.

3. Charity Check! How does a kid figure out if their donation will be spent wisely? It’s not easy. You’d have to ask tough questions like, “What’s your overhead ratio?” and “Are you investing sustainable solutions?” or “Can I see profiles of your board members?” These short-cut sites give helpful online tools so you can check your charity!

  1. Guidestar
  2. Charity Navigator
  3. GreatNonprofits
  4. Philanthropedia
  5. GiveWell