Spotlight Warrior: Wyatt

I’ve been inspired by huge, amazing fund raisers with celebrities and fancy gift bags.  They raise thousands of dollars and get a lot of attention for their cause. Awesome! But truthfully, the events that inspire me most are the ones that are small, personal, and unique. I love events that make me say, “I can do that!”

On November 7th,  I went to 7 year old Wyatt Workman’s art show at a boutique called Dari.  Wyatt made an extremely impressive  claymation movie called “Save the Sea From The Trash Monster!” He wrote a book about it, too. He was selling his movie, his book, and his clay sculptures in support of Oceana.

The first thing I did when I got home was get out the clay! Wyatt is a true LemonAID Warrior. He uses his 7 year old creativity to make the world notice what is important to him. The Ocean!  Way to go, Wyatt. I’m a huge fan!!!