Wishing you WELL(s) this Christmas!

LemonAID Warriors is sending 2 bio sand water filters to Africa this Christmas. This will provide clean water for 2 homes in  Africa, where local well water is not available. The children in these houses will now be able to go to school instead of making the 6 mile hike every day to get water for their families. Here's how I'm doing it...2 Bio Sand Filters cost about $180.00 I have $400.00 to spend on 20 people from my gift list. I spent $220.00 on 20 awesome Lemon scented soy candles wholesale price.

I made my own LemonAID Warriors labels and let the person know that this gift is sending water filters to Africa. I have a total of $180.00 left over in my Christmas shopping budget to send toBloodWaterMissions.com, which covers the cost of 2 filters! I would LOVE to send more. So, if you would like to order a candle from me, I will make a $9.00 donation on your behalf. OR... take a look at your Christmas budget and get creative. Come up with your own version of what I did. Let me know what you did and I will feature you on my website.


A biosand filter is one type of water technology implemented in some of the communities Blood:Water serves. These in-home filters use sand and other biological material to turn contaminated, dirty water into clean, safe water. Using relevant, sustainable technology allows communities to be empowered to receive the best solution that fits their needs.

Visit: http://www.bloodwatermission.com/day5.php