Art + Ocean = Wyatt's PhilanthroParty Art Show

I’ve been inspired by huge, amazing fund raisers with celebrities and fancy gift bags.  They raise thousands of dollars and get a lot of attention for their cause. Awesome! But truthfully, the events that inspire me most are the ones that are small, personal, and unique. I love events that make me say, “I can do that!”

Wyatt loves art.  Wyatt loves the ocean.  He put it all together for an amazing art Philanthro-Party.  7 year old Wyatt asked his mom's favorite clothing boutique if he could display his clay figures and have an art show.  Wyatt made an extremely impressive  claymation movie called “Save the Sea From The Trash Monster!” He wrote a book about it, too. He was selling his movie, his book, and his clay sculptures in support of Oceana.  The boutique set it up like a real gallery opening party and it was PACKED!

The first thing I did when I got home was get out the clay! Wyatt is a true LemonAID Warrior. He uses his 7 year old creativity to make the world notice what is important to him. The Ocean!  Way to go, Wyatt. I’m a huge fan!!! Watch his claymation movie.  It's SO good.