We launched our first High School LemonAID Warrior Club this year! 72 students signed up to join our community events and campus lunchtime PhilanthroParty events. We served The Red Cross ( for hurricane relief), The Conor Lynch Foundation (teen driver safety), St. Judes Hospital, Guide Dogs of America, Midnight Mission. We raised over $1400.00, and each member had the chance to log in up to 22 community service hours. Stay tuned for our guide to starting your own LemonAID Warriors Club! And check out the video of our final Lunchtime PhilanthroParty below!


to see our amazing Warriors, Jasper and Mason support Parkland students and March For Our Lives. They led a symposium on gun violence, raised $1300.00 for March for Our Lives, selling tshirts they designed and also led their school's National School Walkout to end gun violence.