Spotlight Warrior: Caroline of Uganda

Caroline welcomed us into her homestead in northern Uganda so we could see how access to clean water has helped her family and her village take an important first step toward saving lives from water born diseases.  But it was just the first step.  She taught me that sanitation education and a simple "tippy tap" have saved even more lives and created a healthier community that is getting strong enough to lift themselves out of poverty.  School attendance has gone up because kids are not missing school due to illness.  This simple device is having a huge impact. Caroline's dedication to implementing these hygiene practices in her homestead make her a hero to her family while she is setting an example to her community. My partners in Uganda, Divine Waters, and my partners in the US, Blood Water Mission, continue their health education program as part of their sustainable program that goes beyond building wells. Share this story to raise awareness.  Or make a donation HERE to support these efforts.