READ ABOUT JASPER'S TRIP TO UGANDA! I have been helping Lulu raise money and awareness for the water crisis in Africa.  Here is a video of her Water Walk that I am in.  It raised enough money to build a well that will serve 400 villagers for life.

She invited me to go to Uganda to visit some of her projects. We were going very far north where there was a terrible war for 20 years.  The children were taken to be soldiers and slaves or put into camps.  The war ended and there is peace now but these villages had to start over.  No water.  No electricity.  No roads.  No hospitals.  Just bush and mud huts.  I expected really sad and helpless people.  I expected that they would look at me and feel more depressed because I have so much and they have nothing at all.  I expected they might be angry or jealous or that they might beg for things they need. But I was compleltely wrong.    Here is what I saw instead.

This is me and our friend Micah.  We brought a soccer ball to a school where a well was built this year.  Everywhere we went, we played soccer or frisbee or dodgeball.  And we immediately made friends.  It didn't matter that we didnt speak the same language or we had totally different lives.  When we played together it was as if we were all the same and as if we had been friends for a long time.Soccer ball in Africa with Jasper