"Why'd the 6th graders cross the road?" "To build a well in Africa!"

Our Water: Walk raised over $3,000.00 for Blood: Water Mission and it was fun beyond our wildest dreams! Don't get me wrong. Lugging one gallon jugs of water for 2 miles wasn't easy. Now we know how kids in Africa feel everyday when they are forced to walk miles to fetch contaminated water because there's no clean water source in their villages. And we didn't have to deal with snakes, scorching heat, and soldiers with machine guns like they do. Instead, we were met with cars honking in support, as we passed generous stores who donated money as our sponsors.

Wanna be a hero to our friends in Africa and your friends at home? Throw a Water Walk birthday party!

Here's how to host a WaterWalk Philanthro-Party:

1. I joined with kids in my class who share my birthday month. We threw a combined birthday party and made it a Water Walk. Instead of presents, we only accepted donations.

2. We learned about the water crisis in Africa  on BloodWaterMission.com and I made a video presentation to our class. As a bonus, Mike and Jena from Blood:Water Missions came and talked to our whole school!

3. We asked stores along the route of the walk if they would donate and sponsor us, and I gave them posters to display from downloads at BloodWaterMission.com

4.The party started off on a busy street corner. I made signs like, "Clean Water For ALL!" and "Water for Africa." We got lots of attention for our cause. I counted 135 honks!

5. We walked for two miles, carrying one gallon jugs of water. It helped to carry the jugs on our heads!

6. At the end of the walk, we had a dance party. The Painted Nail Salon donated their Party Lounge and the DJ donated equipment.

sixth grade water walk
sixth grade water walk

You'll feel so amazing at the end of the walk. You'll dance and smile and laugh till it hurts! That's because you brought your friends together and you saved the lives of kids like you, halfway around the world. View All Photos Here!