Frosty Fund Raising!

Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 10.41.49 PMDear Lulu; It's your cousins, Brynn and Madison up in snowy Canada. It's too cold for lemonade!  Tell your LemonAID Warriors about our Crazy Couzin's Cookie Campaign. Madison did it last year and raised a lot of money for Angiosarcoma Awareness. It's a fund raiser us norther kids can do while we wait for the sun to shine.

Dear Maddie and Brynn, Great idea! Here is a step by step breakdown of the fund raiser, complete with recipes.  Perfect for LemonAID Warriors who live in every climate!

Day One:

1. Bake 3 different, simple goodies. For example, Simple ShortbreadHoliday Bark, andChocolate Chip cookies. Cut them up in small sample sizes.

2. Make an Order Form: Get Sample Here!

3. Call every one you know to take orders. Then, go door to door to friends and neighbors that you know. No strangers. Offer the a sample. Take their orders. Tell them your delivery date and time. Give them information on your charity.

Day Two. 

1.Wrap up each order in something festive.

2. Include a thank you note, and information on the charity you are helping.

3. Deliver the goodies and collect the money.

4. Send the money to your charity! Here's Maddison's charity if you want to donate: in honor of  Robyn Pascaris. PS... Here's a picture to remind you that...the sun will shine!  Only 6 more months to go!!!!