Spotlight Warriors: Tara Suri and MacAllan Durkin

The Tween Summit in New York was unforgettable! It was the first time anyone recognized my little lemonade stands as counting for something bigger.  I was excited...but then freaked out.  There I was, standing beside Tara Suri and MacCallan Durkin who were SO accomplished.  But they made me feel better immediately. The summit was what mad me feel like I can push LemonAID Warriors into something that not only helps but inspires others to take action. I was in a room full of girls and women who were talking about how my generation is going to change the world for good. I was so honored to get the award from Denise Restauri of AllyKatzz. She totally understands how small gestures lead to big things. Also, my Pucker Face contest was attacked by mobs of girls!  While they were getting their pictures taken sucking on lemons, I signed them all up to be LemonAID Warriors for my National Lemonade Stand on Memorial Day.

Read about my amazing warriors.  MacAllan Durkin and Tara Suri


But, my most memorable moments came from meeting other awardees, like Tara at, and 15 year old Macallen. Her organization builds shelters and schools in Mexico and Africa. Learn more at

I also met the mother of Brit from Be Like Brit at . 18 year old Brit died in the earthquake in Haiti while volunteering with the poor. Her mother promised to build an orphanage in her honor. We all decorated tiles that will be part of a wall at the new orphanage. I realized my work for Haiti is not done, and I want to keep going!