LemonAID Warrior's first official event!

This event started everything for me.  It inspired me to not only do my work but to inspire others.  Here is my post from 2010. It's also where I invented Lemonaid Warrior's most popular PhilanthroParty...The Pucker Face Contest!   Tween Summit, 2010 is in a few days, and I’m going to be there! On 10/10/10,AllyKatzz.com is hosting a day of girly-fun, for tweens only (sorry, mom). Plus, we will be inspired by all sorts of kids our age who are changing the world. They invited me to talk about LemonAID Warriors, only I’m not going just talk. I’m going to hold the first ever….wait for it….Pucker-Face Contest! Come to my table, sign up to be a LemonAID Warriorlearn about my charity, and get your picture taken sucking a lemon and making a wacky pucker face. Visit my website after October 15th vote for the best pucker face.The winner gets a free case of JONES SODA with their picture on the label! Love JONES SODA!!


I can’t wait to meet hundreds of new friends who LOVE to fund raise, just like me. I am especially excited to meet the other young philanthropists who are being honored. They  have these  amazing organizations, and I can’t wait to learn from them. Then, I will share it all with you so we can get busy with all sorts of new ideas!