"A Lemonade Stand is NO BIG DEAL!"

Oh yeah?! Watch this video and you'll take that back! 

The amazing staff at Blood:Water Mission screened this video at their Well:Done Celebration in Nashville on May 10th. They reached their goal to build 1000 wells in Africa and they had an amazing concert to celebrate. I was invited to talk on stage about LemonAID Warrior's work. Jars of Clay, the founders, performed with  HansonDerek Webb Sandra McCracken, and Eric Wainaina to raise over $100,000.00.


But the real stars of the show were the leaders from Africa who came all this way to let us know that our work matters. Michele from Rwanda told me that they are filled with joy that we care about them, even though they are strangers who live half a world away. He wanted me to say THANK YOU to all the lemonaid warriors!

LemonAID Warriors was started to spread the word that kids have the power to change the world on our own, our own way. Thank you, Blood:Water Missions, for helping me spread that message to my generation by supporting us and making us feel our work is important.