2015 Lemon:AID PhilanthroParty Recap!



An Army of Lemon:AID Warriors kicked off the year with a Paintball for Peanut Butter PhilanthroParty Event. Admission to the party was a simple jar of peanut butter. At the end of the party the Warriors collected a total of 64 jars of peanut butter that was donated to a local homeless shelter! This is one way you can fight to end hunger! 



Did you know that one of the most requested items from the homeless is a pair of jeans? Lemon:AID Warriors teamed up with the non-profit organization Do Something for their Teens for Jeans drive. Young people from around the US held drives and PhilanthroParty events to collect jeans for the homeless. One of our Warriors Emma was able to collect 195 jeans for the drive! Warriors in Canada met for coffee and brought in a pair of jeans. PhilanthroParty activities can be this simple! At the end of the drive Lemon:AID Warriors was able to collect over 800 pair of jeans for the homeless.  

Emma, our jean QUEEN

Emma, our jean QUEEN

Java & Coffee? The Canadian Warriors!

Java & Coffee? The Canadian Warriors!

MARCH 2015


LemonAID Warriors teamed up with the grassroots organization Blood:Water for World Water Day on March 22nd. Blood:Water works to bring clean water to villages in Rwanda. It costs around $25,000 to bring clean and safe water to the village. Seems complicated right? It's not, when communities work together and spread awareness. On March 22nd, LemonAID Warriors gave up one type of drink, and only drank water. The money they would have spent on the other type of beverages was donated to Blood:Water's cause. If you'd like to join Blood:Water on their mission to bring clean water to Africa you can visit their link below. Let's save a drink and save a life, together. 


APRIL 2015


200 Girls was started by Lemon:AID Warriors who care about the fate of over 200 kidnapped Chibok schoolgirls and 58 million children who don't have access to safe education. The Lemon:AID Warriors joined the march at the Federal Building in Los Angeles, California on April 14th to bring awareness to safe education and to ensure that the tragedy of the Chibok schoolgirls is not forgotten. Take action for education. Demand change. 

MAY 2015


Lemon:AID Warriors set up their stand for the 3rd year at the Sugar & Stilettos bake sale extravaganza! This event has raised over $60,000 for the Westside Food Bank and Saint Joseph Center food bank. Check out how much fun the event is below in the video!

JUNE 2015


Lemon:AID Warriors teamed up with Join the Band and made some noise for education, with their biggest and LOUDEST PhilanthroParty Concert of the year: Rock the Roxy. 30 kid rock bands in 2 days rocked the Roxy to raise money and bring awareness to building schools in Nepal.  100% of the donations went to Room To Read. Room To Read has built over 1,000 schools in Nepal and are leading efforts to reconstruct schools that were damaged by the earthquakes that destroyed over 32,000 classrooms. We look forward to rocking the Roxy in 2016!