Resourceful, Compassionate Heroes.

Animal rescue is the #1 cause  my youngest Warriors choose to support.  It makes perfect sense.  When you are little, you might not feel powerful enough to help big people or big causes.  But kids are bigger than animals and feel a special connection and responsibility to take care of them.  Their compassion is sparked and their confidence soars. When we get early exposure to these positive feelings it will likely lead to lifetime of service.  Unfortunately, most shelters require their volunteers to be 16 or 18 years old.  But that doesn't stop a true Warrior. Meet this brother/sister team.  She baked these beautiful homemade dog treats.  He passed out samples at the dog park.  Proceeds will go to a local animal rescue organization.  My dog is a seriously picky eater and he gobbled up the carrot and cheese treats and wanted more.  Can you  think of a better way to spend an August afternoon!