Easy Valentines Philanthro-Party

Maddy, LemonAID Warrior's Vice President co-creates exciting creative Philanthro-Parties with me.  We meet often to plan them and then test them out with her friends.  You can use my planning tips to help get you started. We met on Sunday and decided the birthday philanthro-party she threw in June would also make a great Valentines party... IMG_4116

Maddy's passion is to help kids with cancer so she met with a representative for pediatric cancer at USC  to research her cause. I introduced her to an organization run by a young girl Jen Rubino, called Cards For Hospitalized Kids, which distributes cards to sick children.  For the party we set up a card making station, and lemonade, of course!

art heart 5

You can also make crafty cards for seniors or  war veterans who could use some Valentines cheer.  Or Click here to download   instructions on the right things to say if you are sending a card to someone in the hospital.  

art heart patio grou[

In keeping with the arts and crafts theme, you can also ask your guests if they would like to bring  art supplies to donate to a children's hospital. Perfect for birthday or Valentines parties!

art heart group shot

At the end of the day we had 36 cards and a pile of donations.  Happy Valentines philanthro-partying!!!