LemonAID Warriors in AFRICA!!

Ever since I saw Lion King when I was 3 years old, I have been in love with Africa. When I found out the people there were among the neediest people in the world, I knew I wanted to help and decided to start by trying to meet their most basic need: Water.  This summer I had the honor of visiting some of the water projects I have helped fund in the most northern regions of Uganda. I met the local people who built and maintain the water projects we have helped to fund. I promised to relay their message--"Send your warriors our greetings and thank them for caring about people they have never even met." I'm deeply inspired by the dignity, graciousness and hard work they put into caring for these wells so they can stand on their own.

Thank you Warriors!  This summer I visited the remotest areas of northern Uganda where I saw the water projects we helped to fund and I met the local people who build and maintain these life-saving wells.  They asked me to "send their greetings and thanks to all of you who care about us even though you have never met us".