Spotlight Warrior: Dr. Jeni Stepanek

Dr Jeni Stepanek is the mother of my hero, MattieJT Stepanek,.  He is a child poet and peace activist who taught me that "peace is possible when basic human needs are met).  He inspires my work everyday.  She provides support and advise for me and for my mom.  She understand the life of a Warrior more than anyone on earth. I was awarded the honor of being certified a Peace Sponsor from Dr. Jeni Stepanek, from the Mattie JT Stepanek foundation.  It's the award I value most.   Join Mattie's Peace Club at and take the Peace Journey.  Maybe you can be the next Peace Sponsor. 

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[br] Lulu Cerone realized at a young age that she could “combine passions,” and in doing so, celebrate the things she enjoyed while also reaching out to help others celebrate life as well.