Spotlight Warrior: Denise Restauri

Lemon:AID Warriors is forever grateful to Denise Restauri.  She was the first one to recognize my little lemonade stands and through her Ally Katzz Tween Summits, she introduced me to a network of girls who are going to change the world.  She nominated me for the Just Peace Summit and the best thing is that she checks in on me every so often to notice what I'm doing and offer encouragement.  She was also responsible for a highlight of my life, which was inviting me to open the Year of Youth Culmination Ceremony at the United Nations in New York. Since that event, LemonAID Warriors became an even bigger part of my life and inspired me to accomplish way more than I ever thought possible. If you are lucky enough to have a mentor, like Denise, then there's nothing you can't accomplish.   She writes at where she continues to give  a voice to my generation. Sign up to recieve her posts and get ready to be inspired!

Here's my introduction at the UN.