Build-A-Bear does PhilanthroParties!

Did you know Build-A-Bear does Philanthroparties already? They don't call them that, but it's exactly what they are!  Check out how your next trip to Build-A-Bear can help a child in need.  Click here! I am so honored to be chosen as a 2012 Build-A-Bear Huggable Hero. There's not another company out there that does more to support youth activists. They're awarding an academic scholarship and donating $2,500 to a charity of my choice. I'm going with Blood:Water Mission and Katie's Krops. I'm off to Memphis to meet the other winners and work at St. Judes Children's Hospital for the day, then to St. Louis for the ceremony.

This is the video I made that helped me win the contest. Thank you Build-A-Bear!