Spotlight Warriors: Katie and Alexis

Congratulations Alexis and Katie for winning the LemonAID Warriors Pucker Face Contests! Alexis was the winner of the first contest  at the AllyKatzz Tween Summit with her unforgettably hilarious Pucker Face.  Katie won when I held the contest at the United Nations Year of Youth Celebration.  Does Katie look familiar? Yes, she is the Katie, founder of Katie's Krops! Katie's Krops is an amazing organization that grows crops to feed the homeless. They both win a personalized case of Jones Soda with these photos on them. Katie's going to give her  personalized case of Jones Sodas to the people at her local shelter. That's SO Katie!  A Pucker Face contest is a great way to raise awareness for your lemonade stand.  Try it! Katie                                                                                                                                               Alexis