2010 Pucker Face Photos Here!

At  AllyKatzz Tween Summit 2010, in New York,  I held a Pucker Face contest to raise awareness for LemonAID Warriors and to give out information about my favorite charity Blood:Water Mission.  Hundreds lined up to suck a lemon and get a crazy picture taken of their silliest pucker face.  Check out these wacky photos and vote for your favorite! This year, Allykatzz is giving me a booth again at the International Year of Youth Culmination Ceremony. It takes place August 11th at the United Nations in New York!  I want to invite you LemonAID Warrirors to join me there for a day of inspirational fun.  If you can make it, download your application here http://www.allykatzz.com/page/summit/ Come and find me at my LemonAID Warrior booth!