The Earth Rocked Japan, so We Rocked LA

Inspired by Jars of Clay, who combine music and fundraising for Blood:Water Mission, LemonAID Warriors took action for Japan.  We joined John Mazenko fromJoin The Band, to help him produce 3 concerts atHarpers and The Federal. 32 bands, with musicians aged 7 to 57 raised $4,000.00 at our Red Cross Relief Concert. At the concert, my band debuted an original song, Remedy, written by our lead singer Lauren Owens.

Here's our official video!

This event made me realize the two most important rules of successful fundraising. 

#1. Surround yourself with the right people. John from Join the Band is cool and laid back and works really hard. My good friends Lily and Lucy are wacky and fun and they keep my energy going hour after hour.  Kessa, our 3rd grade LemonAID Warrior has a huge heart, and came up with the best idea ever... she sold Japanese erasers at the door and it was a huge success!

#2. Do what you love. Music is my passion. Fundraising is my passion. Put them all together and you can't loose.

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