How can you add a LemonAID twist to a canned food drive? Try our Boys Vs Girls Can Carnival Competition! Check out my LemonAID Warriors on the TV show, Young Icons, to see how I collected over 400 cans after school one day!

The Plan:  Invite Kindergarten through 3rd grade classes. Admission price: 10 cans. Set up wacky carnival games that use cans. Win tickets for the cans you bring and the games you win. Count total tickets for boy's team and girl's team and announce the winner!  Sell snacks for your charity. Here are the games we played...

Tin Tower Toppler: You have 60 seconds to stack 15 cans

CANon Ball Toss: Set up cans in a pyramid and knock them down with a tennis ball

Tin Can Shooting Shed: Line up empty cans and shoot them down with a Nerf gun

Bowling for Soup: The cans are the pins. A basket ball is your bowling ball!

Tin Can Stilt Maze: Make tin can stilts. Draw a chalk maze. Finish it in 60 seconds.

Can Can Competition: Play Can Can music. You have 45 seconds to put on a crazy costume and do as many can-can kicks as you can.